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Pet Grief and Loss Counselling

Honour the Memory of a Friend

The loss of a pet can be devastating. Although grief over the loss of a cherished pet may be as intense and even as lengthy as when a significant person in our life dies, our process of mourning is quite different. As many of the societal mechanisms of social and community support can be absent when an animal companion dies.


Kindred Pet Grief and Bereavement Therapy is a specialised service offering support through the process of grieving for your companion, in whatever form your grief takes. This service extends to any concerns arising from the grief of our companion animals, including preparing for the death of a companion, or working through difficult questions such as:

Should I euthanise my pet if they are in pain?

How do I honor the memory of my companion animal?

How do I talk to my children about our family pet dying?

How do I deal with feelings of guilt?

I offer a safe and informed space to allow these questions to be asked and explored openly and honestly, allowing our grief to move forward in such a way as we can honour the memory of our beloved companion animals.

I understand that I am not only working with a unique individual, with their own story of loss, but with the memory and story of a unique animal companion. For some, a pet is an animal we share our space with. For many of us, though, a pet is a best friend, a companion, a family member, a trusted confidant, a source of love, joy, stability, and a supportive and caring figure in our lives. 

1 Hour Session


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