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Animal Welfare Industry Support

Reconnect with your passion

Many Veterinarians and animal welfare staff chose this profession due to their love of animals, and their compassionate desire to see them well and happy. These roles offer an essential service with unmeasurable benefits for animals, animal guardians and the community. However, these roles come with inbuilt stressors that at times can feel overwhelming.


Burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, low staff retention, and an overall decline in mental wellbeing carry alarming statistics within the Veterinarian and animal welfare industry. This has been further exacerbated over the last few years, where we have seen an increase in animal ownership, euthanasia, and changes in customer behaviour.


I work specifically with the needs presented by each Veterinarian and animal support staff. Though I also recognise that similar themes arise in the industry that at times require extra support to process. Themes like; managing compassion fatigue, identifying and reducing the onset of occupational burnout, having difficult conversations about Euthanasia or payment, exposure to distressed and aggressive customers, managing your own experiences of grief and loss, and an increasing demand for your time and energy (to name a few).


Working in the animal welfare/veterinarian industry doesn’t have to be a trade-off between your work and your own personal wellbeing. Counselling can help you negotiate personal and industry stressors, helping you to reconnect with the rewarding and meaningful experiences that come with your vitally important role.


Thank you for your amazing work.

1 Hour Session


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